Centre of Competence

To be competent to provide to the customer complete information on the product they wish to manufacture from the planning stage to execution of finished product.

What is Centre of Competence (COC)
The Centre of Competence (COC) is the Central Nucleus Point for garment manufacturers and is located within the heart of Bangalore, one of India's largest garment manufacturing hubs.

Here the manufacturer can find various solutions from receipt of fabric to dispatch of finished goods.

At the Centre of Competence (COC) the consultants in each department, will provide various solutions to increase the level of efficiency, productivity, and quality by use of Correct automation.

Benefit from the Centre of Competence (COC)
The goal of this Centre of Competence (COC) is to provide garment manufacturers with:

  • Complete consultancy from receipt of materials to dispatch of finished goods.
  • Technical information regarding utilities.
  • Recommendations for machine layouts, planning and organization from fabric designing to manufacturing finishing-warehousing using Conveyor Systems.
  • Operator Training.
  • Improving quality and productivity by understanding the correct use and application of automation.
  • Different effective methods of finishing of garments.
  • Methods of improvement in maintenance of machines.
  • All round the year training center for operators and technicians by prior appointments.

The Centre of Competence (COC) though at present is especially for Trouser manufacturers (Formal, Casual, Workwear) will also during the session, demonstrate key operations for Shirts and Jackets and will have International Consultants from various fields to assist you on your queries from global leaders

  • Maier (Germany)
  • Typical (China)
  • Vibe Mac (Italy)
  • Clantex (UK)
  • Beisler (Germany)
  • Duerkopp Adler (Germany)
  • IMA(ltaly)
  • Macpi Group (Italy)

At the Centre of Competence (COC) will also be present representatives from suppliers of TRIMS and ancillary equipment, suppliers like stabilizers, dryers etc. We look forward to having you at the Centre of Competence (COC) with prior appointments at NO.17, Lady Curzon Road, Bangalore 560 001. So that together we can have a 'better tomorrow by being competent today'

Corporate Headquarters

Sanghavi Estate, Nityanand Nagar, Off L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W),
Mumbai - 4000 086

+91 22 2500 0934 / 2500 0536
+91 22 2500 4307